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Dose 01 1st June, 2020

There is no excuse to not read the news when it takes 3 minutes... 

Top Stories

The IMF approved a US $732mm disbursement to Bangladesh to address COVID-19

Trump wants to expand the G7 to include India with 3 other countries

Pakistan could lose 451bn rupees (~US $2.7bn) from locust attacks   

Market Index

4,060 ? 1%
SENSEX 31,642 ? 3%
KSE 100 33,931

? 3%

S&PSL 4,751 -- %
S&P 500 2,929


FTSE 5,935 ?  -1%
Oil 37.62


Technology & Startups

Indian education platform Byju's is raising at a whopping $10bn valuation

The Indian government rejected Flipkart's plan to enter food retail 

A startup you should follow*:

Although we are focused on our physical health right now, mental health is often overlooked in our society -- Maya has been doing a great job taking care of both.

Sports Corner

The English Premier League is set to return on June 17

Professional Development*

Email etiquette is a hot topic when everyone's working from home - here are a few tips from us:

  1. Use proper spacing -- do not write a block of text
  2. Do not reply all if you do not need to
  3. Use grammarly to check your grammar / spell check

More tips here

Keep it Sharp

In two years I know, I'll be twice as old as five years ago, said Kuddus miya. How old is Kuddus miya? Answer at the bottom of the newsletter

Here's Something Interesting

Jim O�Shaunnessey, the author of What Works on Wall Street, wrote a gem of a Twitter thread 

"... life is filled with focus being wasted on the trivial and unimportant. If you let them, these distractions will sap your mental and even physical energy ... You become what you focus on."

Read the full thread here

Of Art and Artists

We at the Capsule are big fans of the Farooque Bhai Project -- check out this Toronto-based Bangladeshi musician and his new video Kameena

Answer: Kuddus miya is 12 years old

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