Dose 10 22nd June, 2020

Hey all, as summer rolls around, make sure to stay hydrated throughout the day

Top Stories

India's border skirmish continues with China. Field commanders are now armed with "complete freedom of action"

Although recoveries have increased significantly, India experiences the biggest single-day spike in COVID-19 cases

Bangladesh Bank has reduced the CRR (cash reserve ratio) rate for deposit-receiving non-bank financial institutions (NBFIs)

What it means: Set by the Central Bank, CRR (cash reserve ratio) is the percentage of a bank's deposits that it must keep in cash as a reserve in case of mass customer withdrawals. Non-bank financial institutions do not have a banking license but can offer alternative financial services such as investment banking, brokering, alternative savings schemes etc. Through a reduced CRR, NBFIs will be able to inject more money into the economy, which in turn would boost liqudity and incentivize consumer spending

Pakistan will reschedule $2.41bn in debt payments.

Digging Deeper:Global lenders have postponed debt payments, under the Debt Service Suspension Initiative. This will allow countries like Pakistan to allocate more resources to sectors affected by COVID-19

After 3 months of delay, Sri Lanka is set to hold its parliamentary elections on August 5

Market Index

South Asia 1-day YTD
+ 0.06%
- 11.01%
 SENSEX 34,732
+ 1.53%
- 16.00%
 KSE 100 33,439
- 0.30%
- 19.23%
 CSE Allshare 4,991
+ 0.27%
- 18.23%
 S&P 500 3,098
- 0.56%
- 4.91%
 FTSE 6,293
+ 1.10%
- 17.25%
 Oil (Brent) 42
+ 0.64%
- 36.27%
 Gold 1,750
+ 0.46%
+ 15.15%

Technology & Startups

Locating COVID-19 centres just got easier with Google maps in India

Now you can send and receive parcels in Dhaka with Uber Connect

A startup you should follow:

Quickee is an online delivery platform based in Sri Lanka. Not only are they the fastest delivery service (as their name suggests), they also operate through 3AM. Really craving some tic-tac at 12AM? Or need some flowers delivered for Valentine’s Day? No problem Quickee will be there for you in a jiffy.

    Sports Corner

    The Lankan Premier League is set to begin in August

    Bangladesh Cricket Board delays training camps after former ODI captain Mashrafe Bin Mortaza and left-arm spinner Nazmul Islam test positive for COVID-19

    Professional Development

    Digital marketing is king in today's world, but that does not mean other forms of marketing are dead. Despite the proven benefits of digital marketing, there are several old school marketing strategies worth investigating. Here are a few methods of offline marketing that you can use in conjunction with your web-based efforts:

    Be interactive with your customers

    Talking to your customers over the phone or in person is a great way to build rapport and establish trust while introducing a human element to your brand.

    Appreciate the value of print advertising

    Contrary to popular belief, print may still have a strong foothold among higher-income demographics. There are some signaling benefits as well - it tells your customers that you have enough resources for the personal touch physical advertisement may bring over digital channels

    Leverage the benefits of networking

    While digital networking platforms have made it easier to meet customers and investors from home, it is still not as effective as getting dressed and meeting them in-person at trade-shows / conferences - it may be even more powerful in a world post-COVID-19 due to the current lack of in-person interactions

    Keep it Sharp

    How can you add eight 8’s to get 1000?

    ** Answer at the bottom of the newsletter

    Here's Something Interesting

    According to the World Bank, more than a quarter of the world's off-grid population live in South Asia. Some of these pockets were in dire need of health care facilities even before the pandemic started reaching these areas, but the lack of electricity meant doctors would have to resort to candles or outright abandon treatment at night.

    But things are changing now thanks to Distributed Renewables for Energy Access (DREA) systems that can generate / distribute energy independent of a centralized grid. According to the latest Renewables status report by REN21, South Asian countries have some of the highest off-grid solar utilization rates with Nepal (11%) and Bangladesh (8%) leading the way. Read the full report here.

    Of Art and Artists

    If you’re into illustrations of bold and vibrant individuals on notebooks, phone cases, journals and more - Teecake's right up your alley. Founded by someone stuck between her love for art and society’s expectation of an engineering degree, Tahira hopes to inspire others to pursue their hobbies and side-hustles.

    ** Answer:888+88+8+8+8=1000

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