Dose 12 27th June, 2020

Hi everyone, how's it going? We applaud every small step corporations take toward greater social responsibility - like Unilever rebranding its "fairness" cream

Top Stories

India hits 5 lakh COVID-19 cases with over 5000 new cases in a day in Maharashtra alone

India will remove central control of gas prices

Facebook will appoint a local representative in Bangladesh within 4-6 weeks to oversee VAT payment on advertisement revenue

What it means: By removing government-controlled pricing on gas, India aims to attract investors by giving them more marketing opportunities and freedom to set prices. By doing so, the government expects to increase liquified natural gas (LNG) output and consumption

Pakistan raises prices of all petroleum products by Rs 26

Sri Lanka will re-open museums, cultural attractions from July 1

The Securities Board of Nepal is still undecided about when it will reopen Nepal Stock Exchange

Market Index

South Asia 1-day YTD
+ 0.11%
- 10.87%
 SENSEX 35,171
+ 0.94%
- 14.94%
 KSE 100 33,939
+ 0.68%
- 18.02%
 CSE Allshare 5,163
+ 0.35%
- 15.41%
 S&P 500 3,009
- 2.42%
- 7.64%
 FTSE 6,159
+ 0.20%
- 19.00%
 Oil (Brent) 41
- 0.79%
- 38.52%
 Gold 1,771
+ 0.06%
+ 16.57%

Technology & Startups

By paying ৳1 per minute, you can now rent bicycles in Dhaka with Jobike's app

Microsoft will permanently close all of its retail stores

A startup you should follow:

Smartpaani provides eco-friendly / economical solutions to water issues in Nepal. Their sustainable water sourcing projects include rainwater harvesting, water recycling, wastewater treatment etc.

Sports Corner

After 30 years, Liverpool become champions of English Premier League

England Cricket Board has placed a COVID-19 testing program in place ahead of Pakistan cricket team's arrival on Sunday for its summer tour

Professional Development

Proofreading is a painful ordeal most of us don’t look forward to but is necessary, nonetheless. No matter how many times you revise, a pesky typo may sneak past you now and then. Grammarly can solve this problem for you. Here are a few cool things the software lets you do:

    1) Check grammar and spelling

    2) Detect your tone (i.e., confident, joyful, respectful, etc.) and enhance the readability of your writing*

    3) Choose from alternative word suggestions*
    4) Tell you when you're too wordy - suggest shorter and sharper sentences
    5) Learn more about other awesome features here

While the free version is helpful itself, the premium version (marked with a *) gives you access to advanced features

Keep it Sharp

The more it dries, the wetter it gets, what is it?

** Answer at the bottom of the newsletter

Here's Something Interesting

Back in 2014, for April Fools Day, some Google employees thought of playing a prank -- they created a game where people would have to catch Pokemon in physical locations sprawled all over Google Maps. Just a silly joke...

... But not for Niantic CEO John Hanke. He immediately realized the potential of combining a physical dimension to the iconic Pokemon brand and its characters. Fast forward to 2019, his company had built Pokemon Go and generated a billion downloads and $3 billion in revenue. Not bad for a prank!

Of Art and Artists

Meet Nehal Sarwar, a graphic art designer whose art really draws a crowd with his edgy yet powerful pieces. Nehal's personal motto serves as a great reminder: "live like you’re living, not just surviving." Go through his work here

** Answer: A towel

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