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Hi all. The number of COVID-19 cases has surpassed 10 million. If you are in a place where lockdown is being eased, here are some tips to stay safe at your workplace

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Bangladesh government will close down powerplants with cumulative capacity generation of 3000 MW

Digging Deeper:For 10 years, the government has been making capacity payments to private and quick rental powerplants without using a single kilowatt of power from them. Due to the mismatch between demand and supply of electrcity, it has decided to close such powerplants and review its plans for the power sector

Bangladeshis will not be granted the Schengen Visa when the European Union reopens in July

India opens world's largest hospital to treat COVID-19 patients

American private equity firm The Carlyle Group buys 20% share in India's Piramal Pharma

Islamabad to get its first Hindu-temple

Sri Lanka completely lifts lockdown

Market Index

South Asia 1-day YTD
+ 0.12%
- 10.76%
 SENSEX 35,171
+ 0.94%
- 14.94%
 KSE 100 33,939
+ 0.68%
- 18.02%
 CSE Allshare 5,163
+ 0.35%
- 15.41%
 S&P 500 3,009
- 2.42%
- 7.64%
 FTSE 6,159
+ 0.20%
- 19.00%
 Oil (Brent) 40
- 1.30%
- 39.41%
 Gold 1,773
+ 0.13%
+ 16.68%

Technology & Startups

Amazon acquires self-driving car startup Zoox

Now you can easily find information on ICU availability in Dhaka with ICU finder

A startup you should follow: is India's largest fitness app. Unlike most fitness apps, not only provides nutrition and fitness plans, but also mental well-being services. In addition, the app covers personalised healthcare solutions.

Sports Corner

Bayern Munich wins Bundesliga

Manchester City will give english premier league champions Liverpool a guard of honour

Professional Development

Dos and Dont's of Video Conferencing

With homes being transformed to work spaces due to the pandemic, video conferencing etiquette has become an essential practice for daily life. Whether you are a college kid dozing off in lectures or an exec attending meetings all day, these tips should help:

Always aim to join your meetings/classes a few minutes early in case of any technical difficulties. "Fashionably late" is so last year.

Always ensure your microphone and camera is turned off when you are tending to personal affairs during your calls. You don't want to be the next "Jennifer from Zoom". And don't forget to turn your microphone back on once you start speaking again.

Just because you're at home doesn't mean you should show up to your call wearing PJs. Wear a business casual top and yes, you can keep your sweatpants on.

Refrain from sharing call links with others without the host's permission. Also remember to ask for permission before you record conversations or take screen grabs!

More tips here and here

Keep it Sharp

What word becomes a palindrome when viewed upside down and backwards?

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Here's Something Interesting

Naval Ravikant, one of the most respected and successful angel investors in Silicon Valley, wrote a timeless twitter thread on wealth creation, life and more.

"Learn to sell. Learn to build. If you can do both, you will be unstoppable."

With almost a cult-like following, Naval has inspired a generation of entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley with his unique perspective which brings together ancient philosophy and a thorough understanding of tech.

Check out the full thread below.

Of Art and Artists

Renadh's blog isn't your traditional blog site. This platform by Bangladeshi-American techie Renadh Chowdhury allows the audience a chance to voice their opinions and post articles that relate to the blog's discussion topic, with a focus on resources geared towards COVID-19.

** Answer: Swims

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