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Good morning! Love TikTok? Sadly, you will have to pause your play date videos in India as the government banned 59 Chinese apps

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India's first COVID-19 vaccine COVAXIN is set for human trials


Electric cars coming to Pakistan

Digging Deeper: With an aim to curb pollution and make vehicles affordable, the government expects to convert 30% of vehicles to electric by 2030. For the regular user, one can expect savings upwards of Rs 4,000 per month in fuel costs


Unilever buys 82% stake in GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Bangladesh


Amazon India eliminates single-use plastic in packaging


Sri Lanka delays reopening of International Airport to August 1

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) approves $200 million loan to modernize power supply in Nepal


A launch capsized on the Buriganga river with 34 reported deaths

Market Index

South Asia 1-day YTD
+ 0.19%
- 10.42%
 SENSEX 34,916
- 0.13%
- 15.56%
 KSE 100 34,422
+ 0.70%
- 16.86%
 CSE Allshare 5,150
- 0.08%
- 15.63%
 S&P 500 3,100
+ 1.54%
- 4.84%
 FTSE 6,170
- 0.90%
- 18.87%
 Oil (Brent) 42
+ 1.02%
- 37.10%
 Gold 1,782
+ 0.02%
+ 17.29%

Technology & Startups

Craving mangoes but cannot go out? Gowala - an online grocery delivery service in Dhaka - is offering discounts on the season's fruits and more

Soon you can watch your favourite prime movies with friends as Amazon tests 'watch party' in US

A startup you should follow:

F-Commerce has accelerated during the pandemic - and many mom and pop shops are shifting their business onto the channel to survive. An example is Moshlawali, a Dhaka-based masala delivery platform founded by a single mother. Get all the spices you need for your next biriyani delivered to your front door!

Sports Corner

After a meeting with players, Bangladesh Football Federation president Kazi Salahuddin assures support to those who are facing financial difficulties

In support of the Black Lives Matter movement, Mercedes F1 team will race in black cars

Professional Development

A running joke in the business intelligence community is that the most important feature of any BI tool is its “Export to Excel” button. Excel continues to be the #1 platform for information processing regardless of the field of work one is in; hence realizing the software and ubiquity & brushing up on one’s Excel skills is always a good investment of time.

Tip 1: Let go of the mouse!

While it is tempting to scroll the wheel & navigate through the Excel interface, the more efficient option is to simply let go of it. Next time if someone asks ‘Who let the mouse out?’ - let them know that Excel Experts did!

Tip 2: Lookup to Index & Match

We tend to look up to people who introduce us to ‘seemingly’ complicated functions like VLOOKUP, but in all honesty, people do so because they haven’t been introduced to INDEX & MATCH as of yet. The latter is 30% faster, much more flexible and doesn’t have the limitations of the former.

Tip 3: Leverage Add-ins

Just like chrome extensions, Excel has advanced Add-ins to jazz up your spreadsheets. Whether you’re looking for handy statistical tools or trying to conduct a Monte-Carlo simulation, leveraging the Add-ins can completely transform your Excel game!

While you’re at it, here are 50 Add-ins you can check out

// contributed by Abtahi Iptesam

Keep it Sharp

What can travel the world by staying in a corner?

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Here's Something Interesting

From the inspirational rags to riches story of Dhirubhai to the rise of Mukesh - outstanding stories are closely associated with the Ambani family.

Anil, Mukesh's younger brother, and the chairman Reliance ADA, also has a similarly remarkable story, albeit in a less flattering manner. After the passing of their father, the Ambani brothers split Reliance Industries. Mukesh got the 'old economy' companies, and Anil got the 'new economy' companies, i.e., Reliance Communications, Capital, and Natural Energy. At the time of the split, it seemed apparent that Anil would end up more successful of the two in the long run. However, after a series of ill-fated bets, including high leverage and direct competition from his brother, things began to go downhill for Anil.

Today, Mukesh is the richest man in Asia valued over $64 billion, while Anil is worth less than a billion. Learn more about Anil's downfall from the Billionaire's Club here

Of Art and Artists

Meer Sadi's photography style is a little “elevated” from others. His aerial shots of Dhaka city are definitely up there!

** Answer: A stamp

Dreams are not what you see in sleep. They are the things that don’t let you sleep.

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