Dose 15 4th July, 2020

This is our 15th dose -- don't know about you, but we already feel smarter (just like PC)

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Trials of Bangladesh’s first COVID-19 vaccine underway at Globe Biotech


Covaxin – India’s first COVID-19 vaccine – may launch next month


Eastern Bank Limited (EBL) launched export factoring solution

Digging Deeper:The country’s exporters currently have to undertake contracts without payment guarantees from foreign importers. As a result, they face a risk of defaults on their receivables (as is the case with the current #PAYUP situation). In collaboration with German-based Tradewind Finance, the factoring solution launched by EBL is a form of payment guarantee for exporters, regardless of whether buyers make their payments on time or not


State Bank of Pakistan will automate refund payments


Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka amended listing rules to enable shareholders to receive dividend payments efficiently

The World Bank has declared Nepal as a lower middle income country


Intel Capital, the investment division of Intel Corporation, will buy ₹1,895 Crore stake in Jio Platforms Limited

Market Index

South Asia Today YTD
- 10.48%
 SENSEX 36,021
- 12.89%
 KSE 100 35,051
- 15.33%
 CSE Allshare 5,051
- 17.25%
 S&P 500 3,130
- 3.92%
 FTSE 6,157
- 19.03%
 Oil (Brent) 43
- 35.44%
 Gold 1,775
+ 16.83%

Technology & Startups

Indian-American Medha Raj will lead Joe Biden’s digital campaign

Now you can download your favorite TV shows and movies with Amazon Prime’s dedicated app for Windows 10

A startup you should follow:

Speak to a doctor in minutes with oDoc in Sri Lanka. The startup enables access to high-quality healthcare without the hassle of traffic, waiting rooms, and queues. You can get electronic prescriptions, medicine delivery and more without stepping out of your home.

Sports Corner

The International Cricket Council has called off the inquiry into match fixing by Sri Lanka in World Cup finals

A guard of honor followed by a 4-0 defeat, Manchester City gives both to Liverpool

Professional Development

You probably know what venture capital is, and how it works already - but here are three practical nuances you should be aware of if you’re an aspiring early-stage investor or entrepreneur:

Most rounds are (or should be) competitive: It is essential to think about what your edge is as a VC and similarly, what the investor can do for you as an entrepreneur. Do they have relevant industry experience? Access to a new segment of customers? Is it their proven track record? Remember, capital is often commoditized; the real goal is to be / receive “smart money.”

Consider your relationship: You are probably in it for a long time. This is why VC’s care so much about their reputation. The fund might be great, but the specific partner / person on your board is important - would you bet on her / him to add value?

Focus on milestones: For both parties, it is important to think of budget / timing requirements to get to the next fundraising round - entrepreneurs should have a clear and detailed plan for the use of funds before asking for an amount.

Keep it Sharp

Can you think of a word associated with these 3 words-cottage, Swiss and cake?

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Here's Something Interesting

When it comes to success, people often debate nature vs. nurture - luck vs. skill. But there’s a third leg few people talk about, which in Paul Graham (Y-Combinator) describes as “an obsessive interest with a particular topic.” In the first half of this article, he points out five core things: the obsession itself, the idea of a genuine interest i.e., you are not doing it to show off, the apparent pointlessness of the endeavor (not so much in hindsight), letting curiosity do the pulling instead of making determination do the pushing, and channeling that obsession on something that actually matters. This reminds us of advice an entrepreneur once gave a member of The Capsule: Be interested, rather than trying to be interesting. The former will take care of the latter.Read the full article here.

Of Art and Artists

Mohuya's labyrinth is the only labyrinth you’ll enjoy going around. Her art is all about empowering and reminding us of the history of strong Desi women.

** Answer: Cheese!

"Invest, empower, and then don't interfere"

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