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Hi Guys. Prioritize education or health? International students studying in the US face a dilemma after SEVP changes rules

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Qatar is interested in the Indian, Bangladeshi, and Pakistani Fintech Space

Digging Deeper: Financial technology (Fintech) seeks to improve and automate the delivery and use of financial services. Strong business ties with Qatar open up synergies and streamline the regulatory burden, while incentives such as low fees and free office space attract new businesses to set up. Qatar’s Fintech Hub is currently focusing on payments, financial infrastructure and security, remittances, and SME support.


For the first time in its report, the Finance Commission will have a chapter on health financing


The government will provide food aid to 10 million people over Eid


Pakistan signs $1.5 billion deal with China to construct Azad Pattan Hydropower Project


Sri Lanka reopened schools with strict COVID-19 health guidelines

Nepal continues to expand access to broadband internet to remote areas

Market Index

South Asia Today 1-day YTD
 SENSEX 36,765
 KSE 100 35,373
 CSE Allshare 5,082
 S&P 500 3,145
 FTSE 6,190
 Oil (Brent) 43
 Gold 1,794

Technology & Startups

iOS 14 warns you if your password was leaked in a data breach

Pre-orders for OnePlus Nord to start from July 15 with a confirmed launch on July 21

A startup you should follow:

The COVID-19 pandemic has further revealed the global need and awareness of mental health. With a focus on young people, Light to Life highlights various resources from mental health experts worldwide. It won the Active Citizens Global Award for being a top social action project. You can read more about their COVID-19 response workshops here.

Sports Corner

IPL fate uncertain

Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu dismisses rumors of Messi leaving

Professional Development

Although a tee-shirt and jeans have become the "uniform" in tech, there are times where sound professional dress codes are necessary -- it plays a vital role in first impressions, conveys respect to our clients / business counterparts, and perhaps most importantly, allows us to be confident. 

The Capsule collaborated with Bangladeshi-Canadian power couple Purna & Sunny to help us with the business casual dilemma. Watch their professional attire video for some workweek inspiration here!

Keep it Sharp

How many factors are there in the Big 5 Personality test?

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Here's Something Interesting

When we think of diversification in investing, we usually think in terms of asset classes - equity, fixed income, gold, real estate etc. While we hear of hedge funds or high net-worth individuals investing in exotic derivatives or rare collectibles, it’s hard for the layman to move out of traditional assets.

But that’s all changing now. Although not available in South Asia (yet), there are apps like Masterworks that let ordinary retail investors invest in art. Yes, you can now buy shares in paintings by Andy Warhol, Jean Michel Basquiat, and more.

People have been collecting art for centuries and reselling them at much higher prices. If you are able to sell a $100k painting for $150k in five years, you are looking at an ~8.5% annualized growth rate. That’s not the attractive part — the real value is the seemingly low correlation with the rest of the economy, making it an attractive diversification or hedging strategy. It is also worth noting that the art market has outperformed the S&P 500 index by 180% (!) since 2000.

Of Art and Artists

Meet the Indie Queen of Nepal  Bartika Eam Rai! - Her music is inspired by everyday surroundings and events reflections. The Capsule team is in love with Najeek— you can thank us later!

** Answer: Five! Duh!

"When truth has no burning, then it is philosophy; when it gets burning from the heart, it becomes poetry"

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