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Dose 02 3rd June, 2020

No humor for today...  South Asians can do more against racism

Top Stories

Projects worth Taka 2,492 crores okayed to fight Covid-19 in Bangladesh

Cyclone Nisagra continues to move towards Western India 

Pakistan's mango exports take huge hit amidst coronavirus restrictions

Dhaka University finally decides on starting online classes and providing all students with health insurance during Covid-19 pandemic

Market Index

- 0.74%
SENSEX 33,825
+ 1.57%
KSE 100 34,408
+ 1.13%
S&P SL20 1,973
+ 0.54%
S&P 500 3,081
+ 0.82%
FTSE 6,220
+ 0.87%
Oil 40.21


Technology & Startups

Bangladeshi ride-sharing platform Obhai installs plexiglass divider shields to ensure health safety of passengers and drivers

A startup you should follow*:


In the age of personalized watches, phones, and AirPods, Toppr brings you the opportunity to personalize your education. Based out of Mumbai, Toppr uses algorithms to create individualized study plans. 

Sports Corner

F1 is set to return to racing from July 5, 2020 in Austria

La Liga season is to restart on June 11, 2020 with Sevilla to face Real Betis in the first game

England-West Indies test cricket schedule has been confirmed for July 2020 with 3 test matches to be played between July 8-28 in England

Professional Development*

What does a good resume look like?

Recognize that resume and CV conventions differ across geographies (e.g. standard U.S. template is one page, but in South Asia they may go over 1-2 pages); but the core philosophy behind them remains the same -- it should tell the reader:

  1. who you are; 
  2. what experiences and the associated impact you had; and
  3. the skills you currently possess

Remember it is always better to �show not tell�, but do not be afraid to lay out your achievements.

Keep it Sharp

What is half of two plus two?

** Answer at the bottom of the newsletter

Here's Something Interesting

Rahat Ahmed, the founder of venture fund Anchorless Bangladesh, laid out what differentiates a startup vs. a traditional business:

i) the ability to scale quickly (i.e exponential growth);

ii) the goal of pursuing market leadership and domination;

ii) a clear focus on re-investment for further growth (startups do not pay dividends or return capital to shareholders, their sole goal is to grow the business further)

iv) an understanding of venture investors� end-game or exit strategy

Read the full article here.

Of Art and Artists

Check out Bangladeshi-American star Lil Late -- his music is more than worth it. Check out his singles So Wrong and Worth It and hop on the Lil Late fanclub before it�s too late!

** Answer: Three (�half of 2� =1, plus two -- PEMDAS!)

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