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Dose 03 6th June, 2020
The world is going through a tough time... Here, take one from The Capsule
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Top Stories

Bangladeshi forex reserves hit record $34.23 billion amid Covid-19 pandemic

Nepal's Kathmandu Airport gets a facelift during lockdown

Food and Agriculture Organization warns of another locust invasion in India 

Pakistan has suffered losses worth Rs. 2.5 trillion due to COVID-19

Market Index

- 0.25%
SENSEX 34,287
+ 0.90%
KSE 100 34,327
+ 0.61%
S&P SL20 1,955
+ 0.11%
S&P 500 3,194
+ 2.62%
FTSE 6,484
+ 2.25%
Oil 42.07


Technology & Startups

Daraz has announced plans to invest Tk 500 crore by 2021 in Bangladesh to set up its logistics infrastructure

India's Jio Platforms  is to receive US$1.2 billion from Abu Dhabi-based sovereign investment firm Mubadala in exchange for a 1.85% stake in the company

A startup / org you should follow*:

BloodMan Bd

It's a bird! It�s a plane! It�s BloodMan! BloodMan BD is an online platform that has made arranging blood donation as easy as ordering pizza. We don�t know about you, but BloodMan is definitely our new Superman

Sports Corner

Cristiano Ronaldo becomes the first football star to become a billionaire

Danish Super League club uses Zoom to bring fans into stadium on video

Professional Development*

One of the most important skills one can learn as a young professional, no matter what industry you are pursuing, is Microsoft Excel and an understanding of what the software can and cannot do (hint: it can be used in more cases and accomplish a lot more than what you think, from calendars / planners to forms and other business applications). Click here for a list of useful skills /formulas you should know along with YouTube tutorials.

P.S. -- if you have more links and / or suggestions around Excel, feel free to write to us at

Keep it Sharp

A visitor points to a portrait on the wall and asks who it is. "Brothers and sisters have I none," says the host, "but that man's father is my father's son." Who is pictured?

** Answer at the bottom of the newsletter

Here's Something Interesting

What is �value creation� in business and finance? The idea revolves around two primary indicators -- your Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) and your Return on Invested Capital (ROIC).

Put another way, you will not borrow funds at 7% interest, and lend it at 6% for a guaranteed loss of 1%.

Think about your WACC as your cost of getting funds required for your business or project. Let's say you are planning to fully fund a factory that costs $100 at a 7% interest rate and you earn $6 in net profits per year,  you are destroying value (ROIC < WACC). Alternatively, if you increase your volume, price and / or reduce costs i.e. deploy common �value creation levers�, and bring your profits to $8, you are now creating value (ROIC > WACC).

This is an important relationship to understand as it will help you decide which projects to pursue and force you to think about efficient capital management.

Of Art and Artists

If COVID-19 stay-at-home order has you watching tutorials and failing miserably, follow Srishti Dixit for a solid cup of relatable desi tea. It�s confirmed -- you�re not the only one with an inner Poo.

** Answer: Host�s son - The phrase "my father's son" can only refer to the host himself, since he has no brother. So the quotation is equivalent to "That man's father is me."

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