August 31, 2020 Dose 39

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QIMA'S new report confirms Bangladesh still among top sourcing destinations for international clothing retailers

Inspector Liakat Ali, a prime accused in Major (retd) Sinha Md Rashed Khan murder case, confessed before a Cox's Bazaar court

Australian biotechnology company HA TECH will invest up to $80 million to establish a large-scale active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) manufacturing facility in Bangladesh

78,761 - India sets a new record for highest daily COVID-19 infections

The government will start a bidding process for a Rs 55,000 crore project to build six submarines

India and Russia have been declared joint winners of a major international chess tournament

What happened? COVID-19 had forced the international chess olympiad to go online. Two Indian players lost their internet connection in the middle of their final round amidst a widespread outage. At that point, the outcome of the match was still unclear. In the absence of a unanimous decision, a tie was declared.

The country's only billionaire and member of Lower House of Congress Binod Chaudhary has tested COVID-19 positive

International Day of the Disappeared - the long wait for justice continues

Digging Deeper: Lila Devi Tamang still weeps for her husband Tanka Lama, who was arrested near his home in October 2003. It has been five years since the formation of the Commission of Investigation on Enforced Disappeared Persons; yet, not a single-family knows what happened to their loved ones. The disappearance inquiry commission has received 3,223 complaints and claims to be still investigating. For the families, the uncertainty continues.

Cabinet decides to continue restrictions on long-haul public transport and domestic flights until September 16

Several areas of Karachi remained submerged and without power on Sunday

Youm-i-Ashura was observed nationwide on Sunday amid tight security

FBR has collected more than Rs 5.8 billion in FY 20 from travelers on import of mobile phones in their baggage

The sun will directly be over Sri Lanka until September 7 - raising the temperature across the island country

International Monetary Fund (IMF) has put on hold the final disbursement of the US$1.5 billion Extended Fund Facility

The government's extension of vehicle import ban until December 31 can lead to around 32,00 people losing their earnings


India INX will launch Gold and Silver Futures contracts in dollars


Elon Musk's Neuralink put a chip in an animal's brain

Tesla cars can now monitor speed limit signs

A startup you should follow:

Kotha is a Bangladeshi Social & Lifestyle app. It can send messages, make voice calls, order grocery and food, stream music and movies and buy tickets, along with other functionalities. They have recently started their operations in Sri Lanka.


Fans in limbo about Messi leaving

Eoin Morgan leads England to victory in 2nd T-20 against Pakistan


Empathy is an essential soft skill to have in a career. Placing yourself in the shoes of fellow employees and customers can immensely aid in forging intimate relationships that contribute to your work line. By being empathetic to customers and clients, you can better relate to them and cater to their needs. This leads to benefits such as referrals, loyalties, and higher sales. Simultaneously, being empathetic with employees can help induce a collaborative environment in the workplace and enable higher productivity and the influx of innovative ideas.

Personal connections garnered through empathy are also immensely rewarding, and they will help make you love what you do! Getting various perspectives also enables you to be open-minded, which is an asset when you continue making life decisions down the line.


Why can't a man living in York be buried west of the River Trent?


Tidbits from the internet curated by The Capsule team — today's topic: Art

Banksy is a famous artist, well known for his satirical street art and graffiti that often convey social or political messages. His work has been prevalent since the 1990s and holds great significance among guerilla art audiences. Given their high regard, Banksy's arts can be very expensive - "Keep it Spotless," for example, had been sold for a whopping 1.87 million U.S. dollars!

The popularity of his art has enabled Banksy to fund numerous causes, the most recent of which is the M.V Louise Michel. A former French Navy boat, the Louise Michel has spent its time patrolling the Mediterranean Sea, rescuing refugees making the perilous journey to Europe. In this regard, Louise Michel has been successful - having rescued around 350 refugees in less than a week. However, there has been significant difficulty in trying to return to shore, due to the reluctance of states to admit refugees. Nonetheless, a considerable crisis has been averted with the assistance of nearby vessels.


Have you ever seen a cover focused on drums? Bengali-Australian drummer started honing his art as a toddler, playing beats on his parents' beloved pillows and pots. Now his beats get people to bop their heads across continents — his take on Numb by Linkin Park is a Capsule favorite!


He's still alive

“Ups and downs in life are very important to keep us going because even a straight line in an ECG means we are not alive.”

-- Ratan Tata


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