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Dose 04 8th June, 2020

Yo! Trivia time -- what's Chota Don saying here? 

Write back to us -- might just give you a shoutout if you get it right ;) 

Top Stories

Maharashtra's coronavirus tally surges past China's at ~86k

With 65,769 confirmed cases, Bangladesh now stands 20th among coronavirus-hit countries

Places of worship reopen in India after a 2-month lockdown with long queues of devotees in masks

Valuable information received from PK8303 recorder

Market Index

- 0.13%
 SENSEX 34,784
+ 1.45%
 KSE 100 34,769
+ 1.29%
 S&P SL20 1,988
+ 1.70%
 S&P 500 3,193
+ 2.62%
 FTSE 6,484
+ 2.25%
 Oil 42.79


Technology & Startups

Amazon is in talks to buy a stake in Indian telecom company Bharti Airtel worth at least US$2 billion

A startup you should follow*:


Deligram is like the of Bangladesh, with a unique, hyper-local omni-channel model. Check them out on TechCrunch

Sports Corner

Aresenal beat Charlton  6-0 in a friendly played at an empty Emirates Stadium

Professional Development*

Whether in business, law, engineering or even healthcare -- we often find ourselves comparing prices from the past to make a direct comparison. Although this is commonplace, it is very easy to forget the underlying impact from inflation and thus miss the realor inflation-adjustedchange in price. Here�s an article that describes how you can adjust your datafor better, more accurate comparison across periods of time.

Keep it Sharp

Mike is a butcher. He is 5�09� tall. What does he weigh?

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Here's Something Interesting

Facebook invested $5.7bn (yes, 9 zeros) for a 9.99% stake in India�s Jio. For context, that�s a whopping ~$57bn valuation, which is ~20% and ~64% of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka�s 2018 GDP respectively.

Ramneek Kundra explains Jio�s strategy behind free voice / texts, how that lays a foundation for an all-encompassing �super app� in the future, and how the platform represents an asymmetric risk-reward scenario (i.e. �heads, I win a lot; tails, I don�t lose at all�). Read the full Twitter thread here 

P.S. - Check out our previous issue that explains the concept of cost of capital; more articles on Jio can be found here and here.

Of Art and Artists

Mango Bae is run by South Asian �baes� Usama Siddiquee and Pranav Behari. If you�re looking for some dark brown humor to relate to -- JACKPOT! Don�t let these men-go!

** Answer: Meat... Duh!

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