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Edotco has built a 75-meter hybrid solar-wind tower in Hatiya, where no commercial power was previously available

The government has appointed M Shahidul Islam as the next ambassador to the United States of America

City bank launched country's first interoperable QR code-based payment solution

Digging Deeper: The payment solution brings together cards from global brands VISA, UnionPay, American Express, and Mastercard under one umbrella. It will allow merchants to display just one QR code as opposed to many for different payment networks. Additionally, foreigners too will be able to benefit from this feature using the Citytouch app.

Millions of students are sitting two of the country's most competitive college exams amid protests and worry over rising Covid-19 cases

India and Bangladesh make it to Japan's 'China exit' subsidy destinations

What it means? Japanese producers will be subsidized if they shift production out of China to India or Bangladesh. The policy is aimed at diversifying the country's supply chains and improve Japan-ASEAN relations

"No compromise on India's sovereignty, territorial integrity," says foreign secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla amid growing tensions in Ladakh

Thousands of protestors clashed with police after defying lockdown orders to attend a religious festival

Nepal airlines released revised fares for regular flights

Online home delivery and takeaway services can resume - Delivery people must have a negative coronavirus test result, and deliveries will be allowed between 1 pm - 7 pm

People are left to fend for themselves as downpours continue in Karachi,

Exports dipped by 20% year-on-year in August

The federal government released a comprehensive plan to build 120 accountability courts across the country

An oil tanker that caught fire on Thursday is being towed away from the east coast of Sri Lanka amid fears of a spill

The newly elected government under President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has drafted constitutional changes that restore sweeping executive powers to his office

Sri Lankan inventor Udaya Gunaratne has developed a sustainable product using paper to replace fruit mesh cover made of plastic


The S&P 500 had its worst day since June as tech stocks pulled back


Two days after PUBG got banned in India, nCore games announced FAU-G

Xiaomi is planning to introduce under-screen camera phones to the market by next year

A startup you should follow

NinjaCart has been changing conventional means of collecting fruits and vegetables from farmers in India. Once they pick up, it is delivered to nearby SME retail outlets. Most of its revenue is reliant on the commission that it receives from the entire transaction. Removing intermediaries from the process has allowed farmers to get better remuneration as a result.


Messi is staying

Shakib Al Hasan has tested negative for COVID-19 ahead of his return to cricket


What is the name of the detective who solves crimes by pure accident?


The Khyber Pass, located in the Pakistani-Afghanistani border, is well known as the starting point of many invasions in the region. What is often overlooked, though, is that it is also the site of one of the most bustling counterfeit weapon markets globally. Gunsmiths have lived in the pass for a long time, producing arms that can go as cheap as 36 dollars. The first "Khyber Pass Copy" guns were replicas of British rifles that people in the region had been exposed to during the colonial era. The Soviet-Afghan War in the 70s would be a significant boost to the counterfeit arms factories, providing them with an abundance of scrap metal. The war had also greatly influenced Khyber copies' production, with the introduction of rifles such as the infamous AK-47. With the advent of globalization, the variety of Khyber copies produced has grown immensely in recent years, although the market has become more and more confined for safety issues. Today, the Khyber Pass is known as a dangerous place full of unique, affordable counterfeit weapons.


Art, Kathak and everything spice are the three main ingredients for Ulvi's art. Ulvi uses her art to escape into her own realm and also educate others about South Asian women and culture. Head on over to her page if you wanna enjoy desi woke art!


Sheer-Luck Holmes!

“And when all the wars are over, a butterfly will still be beautiful.”

-- Ruskin Bond (Indian Author)


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