September 14, 2020 Dose 45

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Today is Boss/Employee exchange day. A great way to learn how the other side of the business works


Two batches of diabetes controlling drugs of Bangladeshi origin were recalled in the US last month for containing carcinogens

Medtronic Chairman, Omar Ishrak calls for a value-based health care system

Digging Deeper: Currently, if a patient is not treated adequately in a local hospital, there is no accountability. In a value-based health care system, one only pays if the service meets established standards and both the caregiver and institution have accountability. Additionally, Omar Ishrak said there are three things required to establish a proper healthcare system: "Awareness, infrastructure, and specialized training."

High School Admissions Process - enrolling students to Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) and equivalent courses - have initiated

More women than men left jobless post-lockdown

A Cambridge study found 'Nudges' from Prime Minister Modi were critical in the nation's battle against the pandemic

What it means? In behavioral economics, a nudge can be thought of as an indirect push to alter people's behavior without forbidding any options or significantly changing incentives; (e.g. In some countries, recycle bins are made larger to encourage recycling.) In Modi's case, his frequent public broadcasts asking people to stay home have been met with a positive response.

Unreleased data suggests daily COVID-19 cases could be around 2-2.5 lakh, alarmingly more than the official number of 1 lakh

A landslide in Nepal has left 12 dead with at least 21 others reported missing

The National Innovation Centre has developed a safe booth to take COVID-19 patients to hospitals

COVID-19 cases surge in Kathmandu Valley

Amid protests by thousands of people in response to a highway gang rape, police have arrested one of two suspects

Islamabad supports Beijing on South China Sea talks

Prime Minister Imran Khan said, "Economy on right track," after revealing a current account surplus of $424m

Fuel leak on an oil tanker which caught fire earlier has been plugged

The Attorney General will not challenge the SC order allowing murder-convict MP to take oath

The State Intelligence Services has been called in to cease ragging in colleges


Lower interest rates, increasing exports and remittances, and the reopening of the economy have been blessings for Dhaka Stock Exchange

Digging Deeper: Decreasing the interest rate increases the money supply, making it cheaper to borrow and serves as an investment incentive. Corporations will be able to finance more operations, acquisitions, and expansions at a cheaper rate, thereby increasing their future earnings potential. This, in turn, leads to higher stock prices


Microsoft's bid for TikTok was rejected, leaving Oracle the only one in the race to acquire the social media app

The Apple September event is just a day away - expect new iPhones, Apple Watch Series 6, and more

A startup you should follow

Aasha Wears is a Nepali clothing brand made by women for women. They combine ethics and aesthetics to create sustainable wear! Aasha (meaning hope) began as an effort to help women recover from the bondage of sex trafficking. The rescued women are given training on sewing and employed to help empower them.


Naomi Osaka wins the US open

Barcelona Coach Ronald Koeman displays a new formation in a friendly game


What fish can make your feet light up?


The coronavirus pandemic has spread worldwide, but life has gone on as is in Bangladesh! Cars and rickshaws throng the country's roads, and people seem to be unperturbed by the pandemic. Still, many are trying their best to uphold hygiene and health standards imposed by the WHO. One of the best examples of this is autorickshaw driver Mohammad Ilyas Mollah, who has customized his vehicle to be fully pandemic ready!

The most obvious change is inside the autorickshaw, where he's installed a portable sink and soap dispenser. The risks of transmitting the coronavirus are much higher on public transport, making this addition is very welcome - especially when you realize that this was an initiative he took by himself! At the same time, Ilyas is very well aware of the importance of wearing masks. "If someone wants to travel by my auto-rickshaw but doesn't have a mask," he responds, "It's alright - I have many masks inside for them to use!" We can certainly applaud his commitment to ensuring adequate health and hygiene standards, even as the pandemic bites his business. If he can do it, what's our excuse?


Gaurav Thakur's art is inspired by women from all walks of life. He draws everything from Priyanka Chopra at the MET to Gal Gadot in a saree (our favorite twist)!


An electric eel!

"I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy."

Nobel Laureate
Rabindranath Tagore

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