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Dose 05 10th June, 2020

What's up folks! Guess what, even the police is into yoga nowadays...

Congratulations to Taiyeba I. for cracking the Chota Don trivia from Dose 4!

Top Stories

Bangladesh will resume international flights in late June; initial flights will be to London and Qatar

Indian researchers find traces of COVID-19 genes in sewage

100-year old woman recovers from COVID-19 in Bangladesh

Nepal's oldest and largest university, Tribhuvan University, has digitized its platform for more than 450,000 students to begin online classes during the pandemic

The WHO is pushing for a 2-week lockdown in Pakistan

Market Index




 SENSEX 33,957
 KSE 100 34,804
+ 0.16%
 S&P SL20 2,042
+ 1.98%
 S&P 500 3,219
- 0.42%
 FTSE 6,336
- 2.11%
 Oil 40.60


Technology & Startups

Indian EdTech marketplace NoSchool is now offering courses for $1 

Bangladeshi startup Shohoz has developed the country's 1st ever coronavirus contact tracing app 

New update of Google Maps now shows medical checkpoints and how crowded public transport is.

A startup you should follow*:

    Check out cricrush -- a fantasy platform around cricket from Sri Lanka! Users get to pick a 4-player team for upcoming games, and they score points based on how the players score in the actual game. Find out more about them here!

    Sports Corner

    La Liga matches will be digitally enhanced  with virtual stands and added fan audio

    Cricket is coming back soon; West Indies is set to play England in the first test post-lockdown

    Professional Development*

    Linkedin can be your new Facebook (but no, no �frandship� allowed); but unlike Facebook, it has a plethora of other benefits. It gives you an online professional identity along with a growing blogging platform where you can get insight from people you are interested in following. We recommend you get an account ASAP if you haven't had a chance to create one yet -- more tips here and here for some useful linkds to step up your game.

    Keep it Sharp

    Can you name the biggest number that can be written with two 1's and two 0's?

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      Here's Something Interesting

      Gillette is perhaps the most popular men�s grooming brand in India and Bangladesh, but when the U.S. based parent company initially launched the product, the results weren�t great�

      Executives then flew to India to figure out what�s wrong. To their surprise, they realized that many people did not have access to fancy mirrors - some did not even have running water! So they went back to the drawing board, re-designed the razor to take out rubber pads, extra blades and make the product more affordable overall.

      Voila, the rest is history -- a decade later, they were selling 2 out of 3 razors bought in the region!

      Of Art and Artists

      You can still travel -- buckle up as we take you on a journey into UK-based desi blogger Bushra BSidd�s World! A former financial analyst, Bushra left her lucrative job to become a full-time content-creator / influencer. We especially love her unique blog, where she covers movie reviews, tips for aspiring influencers, aesthetic picture hacks and much more!

      ** Answer: 10^10

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