September 30, 2020 Dose 52

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Trump vs Biden. The first round of the US Presidential debate hosted by Chris Wallace just happened.

Source: BBC


Asian Development Bank provided $3 million in grants to procure COVID-19 vaccine and emergency medical equipment

The sixth meeting of the Joint Consultative Commission (JCC) with India concluded on Tuesday without any progress on Teesta or border killings

Education Minister Dipu Moni said the government will announce the decision on school reopenings "very soon"

Amnesty India will halt its local operations

Digging Deeper: Amnesty's bank accounts were frozen, forcing it to lay off employees and suspend ongoing campaigns and research. The organization, which has been highly critical of the government's stance on Kashmir amongst other issues, has been accused of violating laws pertaining to the use of foreign funds by non-profits.

Protests have erupted over the death of a young woman two weeks after alleged gang-rape

Nobel laureate Abhijit Banerjee said India is among the worst-performing economies in the world; their stimulus being very inadequate

Students in Kathmandu launched protests against the Chinese encroachment into the country's territory

Russia will supply 25 million COVID-19 vaccine doses

The authorities have issued new mountaineering guidelines for foreign tourists, including a PCR test performed less than 72h before

Islamabad and Kabul shook hands to reaffirm their commitment to closer ties and the Afghan peace process

The ancestral homes of Bollywood legends Raj Kapoor and Dilip Kumar are to be saved from crumbling in North Pakistan

A ceremony has been held to mark the official acceptance of unit 4 at the Chashma nuclear power plant in Punjab

The government has banned cattle slaughter

President Rajapaksa and his Indian counterpart PM Modi engaged in their first virtual summit

Moody's has downgraded Sri Lanka's sovereign credit rating by two notches


Stock turnover fell with a lack of interest from institutional investors

Inflation in Pakistan projected around 9%

P.S. if you want a review on what inflation is and how it is measured, check out our previous dose here


Google Maps will roll out a feature showing COVID-19 hotspots

Dell announced its new XPS lineup with Intel's 11th generation Tiger Lake processors

An organization to follow:

Lost Voices of South Asia is a youth-led platform that aims to connect the South Asian youth by celebrating their identity. They also spread awareness of South Asian social issues and injustice.


Bangladesh's tour of Sri Lanka was postponed again

Pakistan will tour New Zealand for two Tests and three T20s in December


What word starting with BR, that with the addition of the letter E, becomes another word that sounds the same as the first?



Somewhere in Maharashtra, there is a village where no one uses locks - or doors! Shani Shinagpur, located deep in central Maharashtra, is well known as a village comprising people who seem to have no fear of crime in their community. People leave their homes wide open, and their precious items exposed to the world - circumstances that many people in other cities can only dream of. Their assumption is well based: thefts have reportedly not been officially reported for around three hundred years now! According to folklore, the village is protected by Shani - hence its name Shani Shinagpur - a deity who represents Saturn in Hindu mythology. Shani watches over the villagers and threatens to strike any thief blind, deterring potential criminals from operating in the village. Even institutions such as jails and banks in Shani Shinagpur have little concern for security - there have been reports that even their buildings are left unlocked! Even after centuries of faith in Shani, the village people are determined to believe in their deity. Some even allege that Shani is very much living within their idol…


Night Club Podcast is created by two Bangladeshi friends trying to document their candid and honest dialogues. They talk about mental health and everything that might not be talked about a lot, so you know you're not alone out there!


Braking and Breaking



“The reason for every misunderstanding is that we see the people as we are but not as they are.”

-- Swami Vivekananda (Indian monk)

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