October 3, 2020 Dose 53

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Last week US President Donald Trump gave himself an A+ for his handling of the coronavirus. Yesterday, he tested positive.


The government will extend the shutdown of schools. However, despite protests from students, the British Council has initiated conducting the O and A level exams from yesterday

Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) has chosen ICDDR, b as one of six global sources to compare COVID-19 vaccines

Bioforge has won the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation award

Digging Deeper: MIT solve is an initiative to solve global challenges through social impact innovation. 5 teams from Bangladesh made to the finals this year: D2, SOLshare, Simprints Technology, Jute Cellulose-based Biodegradable PPE, and Bioforge. Bioforge was awarded by the foundation for winning the "Maternal and Newborn Health" challenge

Police said they are ruling out rape allegations in the case of a teenager whose death sparked protests across the country

Air India's new VVIP aircraft has arrived from Texas

AIIMS chief Randeep Guleria says initial availability of vaccine will be inadequate for the entire nation

The government has passed new laws increasing the punishment of acid attack offenders to up to 20 years in prison

Religious leaders warn "divine anger" in response to government's curb on festivals amidst growing COVID-19 cases

Nepal is set to join India's 'air bubble' program

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority has banned the broadcast and rebroadcasts of any speech, interview, or public address of absconders or proclaimed offenders

PM Imran Khan has accused former PM Sharif of 'playing India's Game' over his criticism of the country's military

Authorities have closed more than 100 restaurants over violations of social distancing rules

Famed influencer Ishini Weerasinghe has been accused of scamming $82,000 raised for Easter attack victims

Japan-financed light rail project called off

Digging Deeper: Sri Lankan government cited many reasons including destruction of houses and business premises, damage to wetlands as well as the high operating cost. The deal, worth about ¥30 billion, was with the same company building the metro rail in Bangladesh.

Lay over flight crew will be housed near Mattala airport


Global shares and oil prices dropped after Trump tested positive

Energypac to raise Tk 150 crore ($17.5 million) from IPO


The Postal Department’s digital transaction conductor Nagad has lowered its cash withdrawal charge to Tk 9.99 per Tk 1,000 on its app

Tesla delivered record 139,300 vehicles in the third quarter

A startup to follow:

Buckets Engineer provides subscription-based services to autistic kids in Bangladesh. They offer a hub of applications and tools allowing parents, therapists, and educators to create customized dynamic learning approaches adapted for children with learning disabilities.


Indian women's team overtake New Zealand to take up third spot in ICC rankings

After 199 days, Mirpur sees the return of cricket


It’s vital to manage your time well. People fall prey to procrastination and inefficiency in their work, but there are a few tips and tricks to stop that. First of all - plan ahead. You should make sure you understand your priorities and the amount of time you want to commit to each task. You can display this through a to-do list, which will visually allow you to understand the work you are expected to do in a fixed amount of time. There are a variety of techniques as well that help you work. The Pomodoro technique is a great example that many people tend to use to keep themselves actively working. Beyond techniques, you can always use software like Trello and Notion to keep track of your work. If you’re trying to manage time with a team, always remember that you can delegate some of your work to others. Delegation is really powerful, in that it instills trust in a group and gets a lot of things done quickly. After all, it’s always good to share your techniques with the people you work with.


A house has 6 stories, each the same height. How many times as long is the ascent to the sixth floor as the ascent to the third?


While digital art and illustrations have been the new hype, Nishtha is busy here keeping old canvas and paper water painting alive. Her art is a must see - you will surely love it with all your (he)art!


2 1/2 times (5/2, not 6/3)


“It takes years to become an overnight success”

-- Sunil Chhetri (Captain of Indian National Football Team)

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