October 7, 2020 Dose 55

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This year's Nobel Prize winners in Physics and Medicine have been announced


Protests against rape escalate across the country

Digging Deeper: According to Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK), 975 women were raped from January to September 30 this year. 97% of offenders go unpunished. During the pandemic alone, 4 women have been reportedly raped every day on average. The protestors are calling for stricter punishments, better enforcement of laws, and an efficient judicial process. They are demanding the general safety of women across the country.

Biman and Saudi Airlines have relaxed limits on the number of passengers in flight in response to protests by migrant workers

The 'feluda' test - India's new paper COVID-19 test

Digging Deeper: India's drug authority approved a paper-strip test for Covid-19 that shows results in less than an hour. The test, called FELUDA—an acronym for FNCAS9 Editor-Limited Uniform Detection Assay—was named after a famous fictional detective. It uses a gene-editing technology called CRISPR to detect the virus in a patient's RNA

The country ranked fourth in a global survey assessing the public perception of a worldwide response to the pandemic

Monday's count of new cases was the lowest in six weeks

An Expert panel submitted its report on the border dispute with India to the Minister of Foreign Affairs

The country continues to face trade difficulties with China after talks last week

Ex-President Asif Ali Zardari has been charged for corruption while the Punjab government admits case against ex-PM Nawaz Sharif for treason

Police are on the lookout for suspects after an Ahmadi professor was killed

Recoveries from COVID-19 have surpassed 300,000

Over 300 garment workers contracted COVID-19 in a factory in Colombo

Public gatherings have been banned in response to a surge in cases


Sri Lankan stocks continue to fall in line with rising fears of COVID-19 cases

Bangladesh government looking forward to $2.5 billion in aid from the World Bank with $500 million in this fiscal year


Gazepass is 

Co-founder of PayU India, Nitin Gupta's fintech startup Uni raised $18.5 million seed round funding while still being in stealth mode. While the company is yet to reveal its business model, it has stated it wants to offer new-age credit cards for the digital generation.

New iPhone event announced for Oct 13

A startup to follow:

Gazepass Featered as #1 Product of the Day on ProductHunt

Gazepass, a passwordless sign-in API, allows developers to get rid of passwords on web/mobile apps for their users. It is currently the #1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt.

It can be used with the biometric sensors available in devices or facial recognition using cameras in the absence of a sensor.


Sri Lanka hopes to become the first full member of ICC to host a T-10 league with commercial benefits

Competitive cricket to resume in Bangladesh with a three-team tournament starting Oct 11


We’re all very tense when it comes to interviews. After all, everyone likes making an impression, and interviews are the best place to do so. The most important thing to do is to be punctual. Not only will it show your interviewers demonstrated interest in the job, but it will also allow them to understand that you aren’t a tardy person. It would be best if you also came prepared: research the company well, as well as the job in question. You have to show how you align with company values to make an impression with the interviewers, and that's where the research comes into play. You should also try and practice beforehand - have a friend help you, and try to tackle some common interview questions.

Lastly, your interviews should never be one-sided! Take an active interest in it and treat it like a conversation. Ask them questions! After all, interviews are not just about them getting to know you; it’s also about you getting to know them!


Different lights do make me strange, thus into different sizes I will change. What am I?


Babbu is a Toronto based artist who incorporates retro Bollywood into her pieces. Her shop contains a plethora of desi designs that can be incorporated on apparel for men, women, and even kids! You can even customize the design for your pieces with her!


I am the pupil of an eye


Justice too long delayed is Justice denied

Martin Luther King, Jr.

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