October 10, 2020 Dose 56

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HSC's new grading system, based on Secondary School Certificate results will allow all examinees to pass

Digging Deeper: Students who could have failed the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) and its equivalent examinations this year are set to get their certificates as all students are set to pass under the government's new grading system in light of COVID-19. Experts around the country have refuted the merits of such a decision.

A turf war between Rohingya groups leave at least eight dead

AM Amin Uddin has been appointed the new Attorney General of the country

Food Minister Ram Vilas Paswan passed away at 74

The Premier called his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin to appreciate personal contributions and deepen ties

Daily COVID-19 cases have fallen almost 20% in three weeks

Bangladesh has sought zero duty towards exports of 140 products looking forward to a preferential trade agreement (PTA) by this year

Vegetable prices are surging with as much as 300 percent in a month

Highest daily COVID-19 cases recorded with a lack of beds and equipment risking the lives of patients

Officials have claimed the country has eradicated swarms of desert locust, months after declaring a national emergency

The Premier welcomed Facebook's investments and programs in a meeting with COO Sheryl Sandberg

Food prices soar with the cost of wheat reaching Rs 60 per kg

Authorities have widened a curfew and warned of legal action against those evading treatment for COVID-19 after cases soar

A senior Chinese delegation will meet President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa today


Thailand is looking forward to signing a free trade deal with Bangladesh soon


TikTok gets the ban for 'immoral' content in Pakistan

Google's latest pixel 4a and Nest Audio smart speaker arrive in India

An Organization to Follow:

Wander Woman is a traveling society for women that provides guidance and information about travel opportunities. It is dedicated to female travel enthusiasts from Bangladesh. In response to the recent increase in rape cases, they recently hosted a free online self-defense class with over 7000 participants.


Top cricketers of the Bangladesh Cricket team assembled to voice their protest against rape culture

David Warner's half-century gives Hyderabad an essential win against Punjab

Thieves broke into Cristiano Ronaldo's home and stole a signed Juventus jersey


No matter how much or little you use me, you change me every month. What am I?


Countless systems have tried to censor information for years. However, people have always found a way to circumvent these tricky laws. Books have been smuggled in, secret filmings have been held, proxy servers have been set. Our methods to subvert censorship have evolved with every passing year. With that idea in mind, a team of people created The Uncensored Library in Minecraft. Built this year, the library is home to over two hundred different texts input into the game’s book objects. From Mexico to Russia, the library has an independent wing for five countries where censorship is prevalent. At the same time, it has catered to misinformation in the COVID-19 Pandemic, creating a hall for books regarding virus reporting in certain countries where this knowledge has been made inaccessible. It had taken well over twelve million blocks to construct the library, and countless team members had made an effort to produce a remarkable library to deliver information to people around the world who cannot access it. The birth of the Uncensored Library, in many ways, shows the potential that video games might have as tools for protest in the future.


Muskan Baldodia is a freelance illustrator. Her digital art is quirky, cute and adorable. Her instagram handle @artpotatogirl is created by meshing her love for art and potato into one!


A calendar


“From the beginning of time, in childhood, I thought that pain meant I was not loved. It meant I loved.”

-- Louise Glück (Nobel Prize in Literature 2020)

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