Dose 08 17th June, 2020

Hey guys, another new magic drug for COVID-19 around the corner?

As we hit the 4th month of lockdown, make sure you are still following safety measures

Top Stories

In India, Delhi to have CCTV for monitoring of Coronavirus Wards

Bangladesh locks down 64 Red Zone Areas for 21 days

Pakistan Government has allocated Rs 200m for uranium exploration

What it means: Uranium is an element most widely used as a source of nuclear power. Of the South Asian countries, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh have located confirmed sources whereas only India and Pakistan have mined Uranium. Besides nuclear power, it is also used in nuclear weaponry, medicine and science at large.

Sri Lanka to resume international flights before August

Nepal Flares up border scuffle as it issues a new map with disputed territories

Market Index

South Asia 1-day YTD
+ 0.06%
- 11.06%
 SENSEX 33,605
+ 1.13%
- 18.73%
 KSE 100 34,019
+ 0.58%
- 17.83%
 CSE Allshare 4916
+ 0.10%
- 19.47%
 S&P 500 3,125
+ 1.90%
- 4.09%
 FTSE 6243
+ 2.94%
- 17.90%
 Oil (Brent) 41
- 0.01%
- 38.57%
 Gold 1726
- 0.10%
+ 13.58%

Technology & Startups

Chromebooks to have Microsoft Office.

A startup you should follow:

Live Green Bangladesh

Cloud kitchens are hot.

Live GreenBD offers a diverse range of food options - starting with healthy lunch/dinner subscriptions to fast food and biriyani. They just launched their second brand TendR, offering Korean fried chicken and wedges!

    Sports Corner

    Pakistan to go on England Tour

    T20 World Cup off the books?

    Professional Development

    Have you had weeks where you feel overwhelmed with assignments / projects and struggle to maintain a social life? You're not the only one. The easiest fix we found was using an app that is often installed on your phone as default - Google Calendar. If used correctly, you'll realize that you have a lot more time than you previously thought you had! Here are a few tips that helped us in the past:

      1) Import your class/work schedules to your Calendar
      2) Try to categorize your activities into a few big buckets, i.e., College/ Social/ Internship
      3) Color code your activities for the different categories
      4) Utilize the detail section by inviting friends / colleagues and locations using Google Maps
    More tips can be found -- here.

    Keep it Sharp

    What five letter word gets shorter when you add two more letters to it?

    ** Answer at the bottom of the newsletter

    Here's Something Interesting

    "On the first day of class, Jerry Uelsmann, a professor at the University of Florida, divided his film photography students into two groups.

    Everyone on the left side of the classroom, he explained, would be in the "quantity" group. They would be graded solely on the amount of work they produced. On the final day of class, he would tally the number of photos submitted by each student. One hundred photos would rate an A, ninety photos a B, eighty photos a C, and so on.

    Meanwhile, everyone on the right side of the room would be in the "quality" group. They would be graded only on the excellence of their work. They would only need to produce one photo during the semester, but to get an A, it had to be a nearly perfect image.

    At the end of the term, he was surprised to find that all the best photos were produced by the quantity group. During the semester, these students were busy taking photos, experimenting with composition and lighting, testing out various methods in the darkroom, and learning from their mistakes. In the process of creating hundreds of photos, they honed their skills. Meanwhile, the quality group sat around speculating about perfection. In the end, they had little to show for their efforts other than unverified theories and one mediocre photo.

    It is easy to get bogged down trying to find the optimal plan for change: the fastest way to lose weight, the best program to build muscle, the perfect idea for a side hustle. We are so focused on figuring out the best approach that we never get around to taking action. As Voltaire once wrote - The best is the enemy of the good."

    - James Clear, Atomic Habits

    // contributed by M.Asif Khan

    Of Art and Artists

    If you're looking for a quick laugh, check out @brownpaperbagcomics comic strip. He manages to convey meaningful stories in a short, witty manner (can you tell why we love him?!)

    ** Answer: Short

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