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Good Morning folks! With Father's Day around the corner, here are some gift ideas for your dad (or anyone else who's been a father-figure)!

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After 20 Indian soldiers were killed during a border face off, India has ramped up security along the LAC

What it means: The Line of Actual Control (LAC) is the border which separates Indian territory from Chinese territory. It consists of the regions of Ladakh, Uttarakhand, and Himachal Pradesh. Not to be confused with Line of Control (LOC), which is the border that divides Kashmir into its Indian and Pakistani regions

97% of Bangladeshi products set to receive duty-free access to China

Digging deeper:While this is a positive outcome of the government's economic diplomacy, it is difficult to measure the impact. There could be a scenario where the 97% duty-free products have local alternatives (thus making exports uncompetitive), and the 3% tariffed are the only viable exports

While some firms have closed their doors in the country, VISA has decided to establish its local office in Bangladesh by the end of the year

Pakistan reopens its border and trade relations with Iran, with mangoes (of course!) being the major export in focus

Pests to hit Sri Lanka's crops after pandemic

Growing discontent with the government's handling of COVID-19 has led to countrywide youth protests in Nepal

Market Index

South Asia 1-day YTD
- 0.03%
- 11.06%
 SENSEX 34732
+ 1.53%
- 16.00%
 KSE 100 33439
- 0.30%
- 19.23%
 CSE Allshare 4991
+ 0.27%
- 18.23%
 S&P 500 3,098
- 0.56%
- 4.91%
 FTSE 6293
+ 1.10%
- 17.25%
 Oil (Brent) 42
+ 1.18%
- 36.72%
 Gold 1743
+ 0.10%
+ 14.74%

Technology & Startups

Nepal's Sastodeal sets its eye on Rs 1 billion in annual revenue with USD 1 million investment from Dolma Impact Fund

280 characters not enough? Twitter introduces audio clips to give voice to your thoughts

A startup you should follow:

College entrance exams in India can get overwhelming but wants to change that. The platform offers classes, tests, and review material for over 100 exams in a complete test-prep package. Founded in 2014, they've helped more than 11 million students.

    Sports Corner

    The Premier League supports the 'Black Lives Matter' movement by approving BLM uniforms as a sign of solidarity

    Professional Development

    We wanted to share a few pointers to turbocharge your PowerPoint game:

    Less is More

    Simplicity is key. Do not overcrowd slides with block texts. Instead use pointers, pictures & key words to keep it fresh. We usually like to ask ourselves, "can we explain this to a 5 year-old?"

    Target Audience

    Cliche, right? You'd be surprised how many of us overlook this!

    Note is Power(Point)

    Take notes in the “Notes” section; utilize the feature to add high level bullets on your content

    Be "font" of aesthetics

    Don't go crazy with the design (you want the focus to beon the content and not the theatrics) and keep it consistent. For fonts, we like Book Antiqua, Arial, Baskerville and Garamond

    Remember, each slide should tell a story! For more tips -- here

    Keep it Sharp

    1. Why did the little witches flunk out in school?

    ** Answer at the bottom of the newsletter

    Here's Something Interesting

    After Dhaka / Singapore-based Gaze raised US$830k, we caught up with CEO Shehzaad Noor on specific challenges around building a deep-tech company in South Asia.

    1. Finding experienced talent - Engineers lack the relevant experience in high-tech disciplines since there aren't enough employers offering those types of roles. Gaze worked around the issue by bringing in an experienced CTO to mentor junior engineers.

    2. Funding - Outside India, South Asian startups have often faced difficulties attracting capital. Shehzad’s tip is to go out and learn from every founder who successfully raised capital in the region to tackle the nuances of raising venture rounds in frontier markets.

    3. PR - Shehzad spent a lot of time identifying the right journalists around the world, connecting with them, and ensuring the press messaging was clearly laid out. This allowed Gaze to get access to Techinasia, e27, Deal Street and others.

    Of Art and Artists

    Ahona is here to bring enormous joys through her miniature art. Check out her instagram page to see what Gulliver felt like. Her pocket-sized art is definitely a treat to the eye -- beauty truly does come in all shapes and sizes

    ** Answer:Because they couldn't spell!

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